Compact Vehicle With A Big Future

When Norkis pilot-tested the newly developed Multicab in 1990 in Mandaue City, the tricycle drivers plying the area were wary.

"Tricycle operators and drvivers associations (TODAs) in the vicinity first saw the Multicab as a threat to their livelihood and they would throw stones at the Multicabs," recalls Buen Delfin, Group Managing Head for Multicab.

But eventually, the operators could not resist the added benefits of the Multicabs over their old tricycles, adds Buddy, as Buen is popularly called. Depending on the model, the vehicle could accomodate 10 to 14 passengers and operators who shifted to Multicabs have realized they could earn twice as much as they used to on their three-wheelers. Its trendy lines and colors also offered better aesthetic appeal and its compact size is well suited to the narrow local streets.

Norkis gained the confidence of transport cooperatives, a sector it has served well for over four decades. Today, the Multicab is a familiar and welcome sight among commuters as over200,000 units are running all over the country. Many backyard fabricators have copied it.

With the wide range of models available, the Multicabs are now being used as ambulances in the regions, delivery trucks by many entreprenuers, service vehicles in golf courses, and roving security vehicles by local government units.

"We can live with the competition," NQJr. says. Norkis' Multicab offers more than just a product that is superior in quality. Its professional after-sales support and services ensure every purchase is a valued investment. The objective is to build customer confidence in every way.

The Multicab meets the requirements of many ordinary Filipinos for an affordable four-wheeled vehicle that is versatile and environment-friendly. It can carry a load of up to 660 kilograms. Every component in the vehicle has been carefully reengineered and assembled under Norkis' 4R process of reengineering, reprocessing, redesigning, rebuilding. By following its long-established and stringent safety and durability guidelines, the Multicab is as good as a brand new vehicle the moment it goes out of the assembly line.

"The Multicab has become a symbol of improving standards of living, particularly in the regions," said NQJr. whose company was named Most Outstanding Countryside Investor in 2002 by the Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry. "A great many of the Multicab buyers are our unsung heroes -- the overseas Filipino workers -- for the use of their families," he says.

Norkis Group's Porta Coeli Industrial Co., which produces the Multicab, is the only manufacturer classified under the four-wheel light vehicle category be the Board of Investments, which oversees the country's Motor Vehicle Development Program.

Indeed, the drive to innovate is what keeps the Norkis Group ahead of the pack.

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